Adoption Agreement

1) Adopter agrees to maintain this cat as a housepet and companion, to

keep it indoors or a securely enclosed outdoor area, and to securely

screen all window, terraces and outdoor areas to which the cat will have


2) Adopter agrees never to permit the cat to be used for any other

purpose except as a housepet.

3) Adopter will provide proper food, water, and shelter at all times and

humane protection from other animals and people.

4) In case of sickness or injury, adopter will immediately provide vet

treatment for the cat at their expense.

5) Adopter agrees never to declaw the cat.

6) Adopter agrees never to surrender the cat and agrees to contact The Country Cats to surrender the cat back.

7) I,______________, the adopter, promise to take good care of

__________ and treat him/her with love and respect.

Adopter's signature___________________________





Rescuer's signature___________________________


Name of cat adopted__________________

Male or female?


spayed or neutered?____________________

If not, date of planned spay or neuter__________________